Practical Cleaning Skills
Course Title: Practical Cleaning Skills
Awarding Body: City & Guilds
Duration: 1 day (9:30am to 4:00pm)
Location: Our training centre or your premises


This cleaning qualifications will help professional cleaners work safely and effectively and provide a high quality service.
The course is of a practical nature and covers a variety of tasks relevant to modern cleaning operations.
The course focuses on those working within the cleaning industry and is intended to set standard assessment of cleaning operatives in the cleaning industry.
The course validates, through assessment of competence, the skills achieved by the individual following proper training, delivered in a flexible manner for the client.
This course sets the minimum standard of competence that must be achieved by the person involved in the cleaning industry

What Topics Are Covered?

This course will cover the most common task that cleaners must carry out, regardless of the facility where they work.

  • Chemical Safety & Dilution
  • Machine Safety & Use
  • Vacuum Cleaning - Hard & Soft Floor Surfaces
  • Dry Sweeping and Damp Mopping of Floor Surfaces
  • Clean and Maintain Washrooms

Benefits to the customer

  • Improved staff skills.
  • Provides visible evidence of training and standard achieved
  • Increased productivity and better standards of hygiene
  • Decrease in cases of contamination – this may lead to a reduction in workplace illnesses
  • Highlights the professional standards of organisations employing qualified operators

Benefits of Training

Improve your staff performance
Get the best performance from your cleaning team through “hands‐on” operator training and cleaning tips.
Reduce Overheads
More efficient cleaning methods reduces cleaning times. The right cleaning methods also extend the life of the surfaces in your building, thus reducing maintenance costs. Correct chemical handling and dilution can reduce the amount of chemicals used.
Get the most from your machinery
Training your staff in the correct use, maintenance and storage of your equipment can extend the its life and reduce the need for replacement and repair.
Improve staff motivation
Staff are trained to do their job professionally and receive a worldwide recognised certificate. This increases your ability to retain staff and gives your employees pride in their career.
Assured Compliance
Employers have a duty of care to train staff under the “Provision and use of work equipment regulations” and this course covers all Health and Safety aspects of employing cleaning operatives.


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